Anxiety, stress, high blood pressure? Check this out!



A simple remedy I use to relax my body with nutritional benefits! thwTip: Shop for celery with dark green colors. 
Besides Celery juice being extremely nutritious for you packed with vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C.  I personally use it to calm the nerves during times of experiencing any anxiety or stress.
Celery juice contains organic alkaline minerals that are know to help calm the nervous system in our bodies.  10154548_10203812377244340_2355172711473519777_nStudies also prove that celery juice benefits include lowering blood pressure. Its also an excellent natural remedy for lowering the cholesterol levels in our body. It contains a chemical compound named 3-n-butylphthalide that has positive effects on reducing the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) in our bloodstream.
Well I could go on and on about this amazing super power vegetable, but my main purpose here is to share with you what works for me. A secret? Not really, I mean I never really knew these awesome benefits before in terms of it being used for its calming effect powers. As today it seems like we given a pill for just about everything. Tip: I like to add apple for great taste. ENJOY! :)



Hello World!

Let me briefly explain what this blog is about and why “The Power of Food.” This is for sharing  information only. I will share how I used food & nutrition as my weapon to fight just about everything like fatigue, stress, anxiety, borderline diabetes, high cholesterol and more!

So what you can expect from our future blog post?

  • Real life experiences and situations where nutrition saved the day. (I know it may sound silly, but just bare with me until you see future post.)
  • Stress reducing tips from food.
  • Healthy energy tips, especially on long days with little sleep! 10253773_10152354924507698_6588358858062283345_n
  • Anxiety, Panic attacks…really, no medicine or drugs?
  • Lots of fun easy, cool tips. Oh yeah and tasty too!
  • Controlling blood sugar, weight loss and more!
  • Joint pain, stiff muscles.



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